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28 Sep 2021

TODAY'S THE DAY !!! These titles have been released!!!

For more information, click over to my publishing site.

21 Jun 2021

Been making good headway on the Edward III book, which is now a 2-volume set each with about 500 pages. I am close enough to being finished to set a release date: 28 Sep. For more information and a pre-sales special offer, click over to my publishing site.


1 Jun 2021

Okay, so I forgot I had this updates blog going on. I think I'll blame the stroke for that. Obviously, it did not kill me, but I have been slowing down quite a bit over the past 2 years. COVID caused me to be laid off from my day job in July 2020. I tried to work the election in November, but found I was not able to do it, so now I am applying for disability and awaiting a determination.

But that left me plenty of time to focus on writing and running my publishing company. This is something I can due at my own pace, and rest as often and for long as I need to.

My 5th novel, Victoria II, was released in April 2021. It is the beginning of a trilogy of alternate fiction based on the concept that Queen Victoria had only one child, her eldest, Princess Vicky.

In royalty news, I now have two annually updated books. My Reporter's Guide to the Royal Families is still going strong, but I have added The Complete Line of Succession which attempts to track all 2200+ people eligible to succeed to the British throne.

I have now abandoned my Charles II project. That information is now readily available on the internet, so it was unnecessary. I do still have two genealogical projects in the works. One is tracing out all of the Willis descendants of my immigrant ancestor who came to America in mid-1600s. The other is resource guide for genealogist seeking their royal ancestors. It is listing of the descendants of King Edward III (1312-1377) for 12 generations. I'm trying to get Edward out the door by the end of the year. We'll see.

That mostly catches you up. Now that I know this is here, let's see if I can update it more regularly.

22 Aug 2019

I have had a bit of a medical set back. On July 20th I went to the emergency room with what I thought was a simple infection of some kind. The infection was not simple it was in my heart an a week later I had emergency open-heart surgery.

I'm home now and recovering nicely. I've gotten enough strength back to continue working on the Charles II project. I will be returning to the day job on Sept. 3rd.

3 Jul 2019

Yikes! I haven't updated this in 2 years! Bad me! A lot has happened in that time:

1. Immortal Revelation finally did get released, but not until just last month.

2. The Charles II series was discontinued in its original format. I am now working on a 4-to-5 volume set that in primarily the genealogy with limited biography. Each of the books will be thicker (about 500 pages each). I am about half way through that project.

3. I've started the next fiction trilogy. This will be an alternate history based on Prince Albert dying much sooner, leaving Victoria with only 1 child, the first born, Princess Vickie.

17 October 2017

At Long last!! The end is in sight!!


IMMORTAL REVELATION has a release date!!!!


Look for it  January 9th!

26 August 2017

Descendants of Charles II, Vol. 5 Coming Soon

The fifth volume of my series tracing out the descendants of King Charles II will be released August 29th!

This volume covers the descendants of Lady Anne FitzRoy, Countess of Hertford. The primary family is Seymour, though there are several large female lines of descent as well, including the Spencers. Yep, THOSE Spencers.

9 June 2017

Coming Soon: Prophecy of the Awakening

My newest novel, Prophecy of the Awakening will be released September 19th!!!

Here's a teaser:


Nikki thought she was crazy. Now she knows that not only is the voice in her head real, it the voice of a goddess!


David is a devout Catholic. Can he continue to cling to his faith in the light of what is going on around him?


Cardinal Santarem knows the truth. But he is not going to let it tear down two thousand years of religious domination.


Amber is a self-absorbed Hollywood starlet. She is the last person anyone would choose to become a mother, let alone the one who will fulfill the Prophecy of the Awakening.

8 May 2017


Habsburgs in the 21st Century

Available in paperback and ebook

16 April 2017

So what's next out of the chute? 

Habsburgs in the 21st Century!

This book will be a departure as it is not primarily a genealogy, but a biographical look at the living members of the Habsburg family and what they are doing with their lives nearly a century after loosing their thrones.

Release date: 13 May 2017

(Empress Maria Theresia's 300th Birthday!)

16 April 2017

Well I was close! Vol.4 came out on April 13th!

30 January 2017

For a full list of 2017's busy release schedule, check out my blog.  The next title to come out will be The Descendants of Charles II, Vol. 4: Grafton.

Due out 11 April

15 December 2016

It is getting to be that time of year again!

Well, yes, there is all of that Santa nonsense also coming up, but I am talking, of course, about time for the new Reporters Guide to the Royal Families to come out. Traditionally, the release date is January 1st of each year, but this year might be a few days later. I have been told there is a major announcement coming and I am holding off sending the 2017 edition to the printer until it is made, or until Dec. 31st, whichever happens first.

This year's cover is inspired by the colors of the flag of Sweden.

31 December 2016

No pressing announcements came, so the 2017 Reporter's Guide to the Royal Families of Europe went to press as normal and is now available for sale.

Buy it at these links:


Ebook (or at your e-readers home page)

12 October 2016

OK! I'm crying Uncle!

The more I work on the Edward III book, the more I find I still have to do!

I will keep working on this, but a more methodical pace. I'm going to quit killing myself to get it out this year. So, watch for that book to come out in mid-ish-or-so 2017.

In the meantime, I do have projects to get on about, which have largely been ignored this past 3 months.

2 October 2016

This is just a quick update to let you all know I have gotten a little behind schedule. The Key to Your Royal Ancestors is taking a little longer than anticipated, but the goal is to have it out by the end of October 2016.

6 June 2016

Hello! I'm happy to announce that my next book to be published (and there are several currently somewhere in the production stream) will be The Key to Your Royal Ancestors.


This is partly a how-to guide and partly a genealogy. It explains how most, if not all, people of British descent are likely descended from King Edward III of England (1312-1377), and provides a full genealogy of Edward's descendants down to the year 1700. This title is scheduled for release in late summer 2016.

For those concerned about my Descendants of Charles II series, don't worry. They are still on going. Volume IV: Grafton is scheduled for release in Spring 2017 and the remaining six volumes will be coming out at a quicker pace, approximately every 3-4 months after that.

On the fiction front, I am currently in need of a publisher. I have an exciting urban fantasy almost ready to start shopping around to agents and editors. After that, there is an alternative history trilogy waiting in the wings for me to get into. So there is lots going on here.