I can thank my great-grandfather for my love of history and genealogy. He entertained me as a child with stories about his grandparents. Then, as a teenager, I developed a fascination with royalty. Combining the two was a natural next step.


However, I'm a man of many interests: politics, astronomy, science fiction, wizards, and things that go bump in the night. I expanded into the realms of fiction in the early 2010s and have several books in mind to write. My first trilogy is well inside my comfort zone, merging history, royalty and fantasy.  Next, came a present-day mythology-based urban fantasy. Next will be an alternate history that will re-shape the world as we know it.


Meanwhile, I also continue to track down the obscure royal descendants on the side.


I have made Denver my home since 1989 and do not foresee anything that could make me leave.  I seriously considered fleeing the country after the 2016 election, but not even Donald Trump can chase me from the mountains I love.