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The Children of Victoria II

Archduke Franz Ferdinand has been assassinated!

However, in this timeline, cooler heads have prevailed and a world war is averted. The threads of history which began unweaving with the premature death of Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, in Victoria II are now sewing themselves into a new and different European tapestry. Much of the extended royal family which rules Europe looks a little different. The British King, the German Empress, and the Tsarina of Russia are all siblings. These close familial ties have guided Europe into a peaceful 20th century. But there are threats from outside this close-knit circle which could be the undoing of all as the children of Queen Victoria II fight to keep their crowns.

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Victoria II

People mostly treat the royal families as merely a lot of fluff with no real power. They could not be more wrong!


In our timeline, Queen Victoria had 9 children and 42 grandchildren who were the rulers of much of Europe and the major players in World War I. But what if she had only one child, her eldest, Princess Vicky? This first book of three shows how one seemingly small tragedy, the assassination of Prince Albert in 1842, begins to unwind the threads of history and re-braid them into a very different world.

Farhi and the Crystal Dome and Other Stories

This is a collection of shorter stories I have written over the years:

Farhi and the Crystal Dome A fun kid-friendly fantasy about a awkward teen to finds himself in a land of fairies, gnomes, and witches. Oh yeah, and elves.

The Nerites A ghost story set at sea on a deserted cruise ship.

Charlotte's Passion An alternate history about the love life of Princess Charlotte of Wales, daughter of George IV. Had she not died, she would have been queen instead of Victoria.

Nikita Saves the Empire Another alternate history. This one based on saving Alexander II of Russia from assassination.

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Prophecy of the Awakening

Can a fortune-teller, a scientist, a starlet, and a bounty hunter defy the might of the Vatican to bring about the Prophecy of the Awakening?

Nikki thought she was crazy. Now she knows that not only is the voice in her head real, it is the voice of a goddess.

David is a devout Catholic. Can he continue to cling to his faith in the light of what is going on around him?

Cardinal Santarem knows the truth. But he is not going to let it tear down two thousand years of religious domination.

Amber is a self-absorbed Hollywood starlet. She is the last person anyone would choose to become a mother, let alone the one who will fulfill the Prophecy of the Awakening.

Immortal Betrayal
Chronicles of the Mages, Book 1


Only the good die young, except for Dano Varos. Part of a hidden branch of humanity fated with near immortality, he lives in the shadows.


Fleeing the 1400s Normandy of his youth, he makes his way east to Russia, where centuries later he confronts, first by accident and then by design, a menace from his past that threatens the Russian Crown itself. Watch history unfold, with real events and real people, through the eyes of a secret participant who saw it all.


Immortal Duplicity
Chronicles of the Mages, Book 2


Edward and Bart are identical twins. But their looks are all they have in common. There is something very dark brewing among the mage ranks and Bart is in it up to his six-shooter.

Edward first encounters his long-lost twin onthe prairie of 1864 Eastern Colorado. After Bart delights in the Sand Creek Massacre, Edward chases him through the decades and lands in the middle of his brother’s insidious plot, nestled away in Nazi Germany.

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Immortal Revelation
Chronicles of the Mages, Book 3

The conclusion to the exciting Chronicles of the Mages trilogy follows the rise of Sebastian, a mage whose past is a mystery, even to him. But his future has already been decided by his controlling adoptive father: the priesthood. Sebastian is uncertain of this career choice until he learns the Vatican holds the key to understanding his existence. But he also questions the need for the all of the secrecy.


Is the world ready for an Immortal Revelation? Sebastian is determined to find out. The only thing standing in his way is his own past when it catches up to him.


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