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The Key to Unlocking Your Royal Ancestry
Volume 1
The Key to Unlocking Your Royal Ancestry
Volume 2

This 2-volume set traces the descendants of King Edward III for 12 generations, which brings it down to approximately the 18th century. Now your job is to trace you British lines back to that point and see where they connect. It is believed that everyone of English/Scots/Irish descent is descended from Edward III, now the hard part: proving your line.

Habsburgs in the
21st Century

At the height of their power, the Habsburg family ruled nearly two-thirds of the European continent, but their reign came to end nearly a century ago. Although they are not reigning any longer, there are over a hundred people living today entitled to call themselves Archduke of Austria. What has become of them?

The Romanoffs
100 Years Later

No royal family has captured the imagination or inspired dreams dripping in diamonds like the Imperial House of Russia, the Romanoffs. For most, their story ended in that damp and musty cellar in Ekaterinburg in July 1918. But that was only the end of one chapter.  

The Archduke's Secret Family
This title is only available in ebook

He defied an Emperor to be with her. She found the love she had been seeking in his arms. Their passion would ignite the imagination of an Empire.

It sounds like a promotion for the latest romance novel, but this story is no work of fiction.

Legends, Half-Truths, and Cherished Myths of the Drane Family

So you think you know the story of the Drane family in the United States? Guess again!

Anyone who has researched the Drane/Drain family has probably come across some version of the story of Sir James Anthony Drane, a cousin of Lord Baltimore, who sent his several sons to the new colony of Maryland on the ships, the Ark and the Dove. It is a most noble story of our august forebears who founded a new nation (with a little help from the likes of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, etc.)  Such a pity none of it is true.


William IV, Mrs. Jordan, and the Family they Made

In the 21st century, most people know the life story of young Prince William who one day will be King. But what about the last King William? King William IV reigned from 1830 – 1837 and came to the Throne with a full family of children. However, none were by his wife. Who was this brood of illegitimate children and what became of them?

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