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Editing Services

Hello from the right side of my brain. If you were looking for creativity and fun, please see where lefty plays in the Author's section of this site here.

Here we have no frills, no fluffery. We are here to take care of the technical part of your writing. That is what editing is, looking for misused words, characters behaving out of their character, plot holes, as well as all those tpyos, extra  spaces, and the never-ending, misplacement of commas. And that's just the first pass through your document.

I am primarily a book editor, but I will also edit your smaller works. I only accept narrative pieces, both fiction and non-fiction. This means, please don't send me your poems, movie scripts, complex tables and charts, or whatever; just send your text. 


I am not a writing coach nor a content writer. It is your job to tell your story. It is my job to ensure your story is told logically, consistently, and without errors or confusion. I also will not format your document for you. If you need that service there are many people more qualified than me in that respect.

My Fees

For Full Editing, which includes developmental and line editing as well as proofreading, I will go through your manuscript thoroughly at least twice, return it to you marked up, let you respond to my corrections/comments, discuss with you anything needing discussion, then present a final clean and edited document.

For Line Editing only I will go through your manuscript once, make all technical corrections, and send you both the marked up version and the clean and corrected one. Line editing does not address voice, tone, characterizations, or plot.

Full Editing:  $1000 for any book-length manuscript (over 50,000 words). For shorter pieces, $.02/ word

Line Editing only: $500 for any book-length manuscript (over 50,000 words). For shorter pieces, $.01/word.

If you wish to hire me, simply email me at with "Requesting Editing Service" in the subject line. In the body of the email tell me what you are writing and most importantly how many words it is. DO NOT ATTACH anything to your initial email. That is how viruses spread. If you do attach anything, I won' t open it. In my response I will give instructions how to proceed.

Thank you.

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