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So who is Daniel A. Willis?


Over the years I have been many things: travel agent, government worker, political activist, publisher, genealogist, reporter. But through it all I have also been an author. My first book was published in 1996, and I am still going strong. I started compiling royal genealogies in the 1980s and decided to publish some them in the late 90s. This lead to doing more biographical works about royal families, but still largely on a genealogical basis.


My friends loved the stories I would tell about the royal families. They encouraged me to begin writing these stories down. But I chose something a little different. I wrote new stories and added some of these royal antics in the background. My first novel was published in 2011, Immortal Betrayal. That book has now turned into a trilogy. More recently, I have taken a shine to alternate history. In addition to a couple of short stories which have been published, I have a new trilogy of that genre waiting in the wings. I also am a huge fan of fantasy and have published a stand-alone mythology-based urban fantasy. 

One quick news item: My Descendants of Charles II series is ben re-envisioned into a 4-Volume set with less biography in it. I continue to slave over getting it done. When it is the all 4 volumes will be released at once.

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